Saint-Petersburg branch of Swedish company Itiviti AB is looking for a Trading Software Analyst to join our Client Services team. 

Job description:

  • Significant part of the work is Tbricks by Itiviti trading systems maintenance, installation, configuration and troubleshooting/investigation, which includes:
    • discussing and planning required system setup (e.g. required hardware, network topology, Tbricks by Itiviti system components layer)
    • cases analysis and prioritization
    • collecting of all required information to solve the problem/speed up issue resolving and investigation
  • Customer training and education on all aspects of the trading system (including trading system administration and business logic)
  • Certification of newly developed market connections (native market protocols, FIX protocols), which involves:
    • communication with exchanges
    • configuration of test environments
    • certification tests and troubleshooting together with engineering department
  • Tbricks by Itiviti system apps development, automation of manual processes:
    • bash/perl scripting
    • C++ development (experience is a plus for development of accessory applications or monitoring/support plugins but not a part of everyday work)

General overview:

  • This vacancy implies you will spend quite a lot of time in communication to different people involved (clients, exchanges, colleagues all over the regions).
  • You will have to thoroughly plan your activities and time and take responsibility for the projects you deal with.
  • You will travel to clients on site for regular meetings and working on the priority projects.
  • The job implies that you should have a technical background, but the amount of bare technical work (Linux configuration, network problems troubleshooting, etc.) varies.
  • The job could give you a deep insight of how different areas of modern trading business logic work:
    • equities, derivatives, commodities and FX markets
    • which business strategies do market participants use
    • how do companies do market making providing liquidity
  • This vacancy is a perfect opportunity to:
    • get familiar with financial world and algorithmic/high frequency trading on exchanges
    • develop/improve your task and time management skills
    • enrich your English skills
    • improve your communication skills
    • improve your analytical skills
    • join the team of strong professionals in real-time system development


  • Higher technical education
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Technical background:
  • Unix skills:
    • basic Unix Shell commands and concepts
    • Linux command line utilities
    • networking:
      • network types and topologies
      • network hardware types knowledge (switches, routers, firewalls, etc.)
      • general knowledge of TCP/IP as a major network protocol (layers, subnetting, etc.)
      • general knowledge about multicast traffic
      • basic network troubleshooting skills and utilities (ping, traceroute, etc.)
  • Unix shell scripting (bash, perl, etc.) would be a plus
  • knowledge of FIX and any other exchange protocols is a plus
  • Attlassian JIRA experience is a plus
  • Good communication skills and willingness to talk to people a lot
  • Knowledge of any programming language (C/C++, C#, etc.)

About Itiviti:

Itiviti is a world-leading technology provider for the capital markets industry. Trading firms, banks, brokers and institutional clients rely on Itiviti technology, solutions and expertise for streamlining daily operations, while gaining sustainable competitive edge in global markets. 

With 13 offices and serving more than 400 customers worldwide, Itiviti was formed by uniting Orc Group, a leader in trading and electronic execution, and CameronTec Group, the global standard in financial messaging infrastructure and connectivity. From its foundation in 2016, Itiviti has a staff of 400.

Itiviti is committed to continuous innovation to deliver trading infrastructure built for today’s dynamic markets, offering highly adaptable platforms and solutions, enabling clients to stay ahead of competitive and regulatory challenges.

More info about itiviti: HTTP://WWW.ITIVITI.COM

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