Best approaches to adopting a cross-asset trading platform

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Enhancing the client experience with automated onboarding

FIX Infrastructure Jacob Northey, AVP Certification & Testing Engineering for Itiviti, examines ways in which sell-side’s can automate client onboarding to offer an enhanced customer experience and grow their business. With sell side’s today under immense pressure as regulators crack down on risk, the knock on effect for brokers is the need to increase capital reserves and cut back on highly leveraged proprietary trading. In parallel, ultra-competitive markets are spelling diminishing margins and revenues per trading client. In this climate attracting and retaining new clients has escalated to an even greater priority. September 17, 2015

Counting down to MiFID II

Risk & Compliance The marketplace is waiting in anticipation for ESMA’s final technical guidance – expected this month – on the wide-ranging MiFID II regulation due to come into effect in January 2017. September 14, 2015

Can you measure and validate flexibility?

Trading Conventional wisdom holds that if you want a truly flexible and open trading platform you should build your own. If time to market and cost are your top priorities, buy from a vendor. Today, however, some vendors claim to offer the flexibility of an in-house system combined with the convenience of one off-the-shelf. Is there a way to scrutinize the truth in this argument? September 3, 2015

Buy and Build: exploring the third option

Trading To buy or not to buy — that is the question in financial technology. Or at least it has been for a very long time. The arguments for building in-house have remained constant and include the need for performance and the quest for differentiation (such as customized trading strategies). At the same time, time-to-market, complexity and – most obviously – cost, were key arguments for buying. September 3, 2015

Decoupling helps sell-side firms future-proof trading infrastructure

FIX Infrastructure Itiviti’s VP Strategic Research Mikael Persson weighs in on the advantages of decoupling complex trading infrastructure. All infrastructure ages. Similarly, IT infrastructure becomes outdated. Message volumes and latency requirements increase. New regulations require ever more transparency into systems that were not designed to give it. Customers expect to be connected to markets faster and with more visibility into their order flow and risk than ever before. August 25, 2015

Multi-asset connectivity roundtable highlights divergent views

FIX Infrastructure Itiviti’s VP Strategic Research, Mikael Persson, captures highlights from the recent thought-leadership roundtable held in London to examine the evolution of the multi-asset trading platform, at a global level.  July 9, 2015

3 reasons why firms should optimize their FIX infrastructure

FIX Infrastructure Itiviti’s VP Strategic Research, Mikael Persson, highlights the measurable ROI in reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs by replacing an existing FIX infrastructure.  March 3, 2015

5 reasons why firms should enhance quality assurance testing

FIX Infrastructure Market participants are under heavy pressure to ensure their technology is stable and performing as intended. But often participants rush to launch services to the marketplace, and are cutting corners on performance testing. In their push to quickly release new functionality – whether in response to regulations, exchange updates or customer demand, firms may be putting themselves in a dangerous position. February 24, 2015

FIX drive Turkey's emerging capital markets

FIX Infrastructure Over the past several years, Turkey has grown increasingly ambitious in its quest to become an economic stronghold. The country even has aspirations of joining the ranks of the top ten global economies by the year 2023. February 5, 2015

Buy-side’s unlocking business value by investing in trading technology

FIX Infrastructure A FIX backbone has become the standardisation layer to the sell side trading community, empowering the buy side and equipping them with the agility and flexibility to swap and change trading partners to realise greater value in their business. May 3, 2014

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