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The new Itiviti

Execution Following the merger between Itiviti and ULLINK in March 2018, Richard Bentley – Chief Product Officer of the combined company – talks to The TRADE about the new company at IDX London 2018. On the agenda: the rationale behind the merger, the company’s individual and combined strengths, product strategy going forward, key priorities for the […] June 11, 2018

A new leader in capital market technologies

Trading In March 2018, Itiviti and ULLINK completed a merger to build a global technology force in the capital markets industry. With extensive and complementary expertise, each company brings a unique heritage and product offering to the table that, when combined, create a new world leader in multi-asset trading and financial infrastructure solutions. May 3, 2018

This is Itiviti

Trading What sets Itiviti solutions and technology apart from the rest? Itiviti staff explain in their own words. Go to Itiviti solutions January 9, 2018

Future-proof trading technology for the sell-side

Trading What makes Itiviti different? With deep insights into market drivers and challenges, Itiviti delivers solutions that help you stay ahead of the game. Using modular, high performance technology, the Itiviti trading platform guarantees high quality as well as extensive customization options. With new regulations consistently coming into play, Itiviti technology is built to ensure that […] October 3, 2017

Market trends and industry requirements

Trading Jonas Hansbo, Executive Vice President Strategic Research and Chief Strategy Officer at Itiviti, describes current trends in the financial industry and describes how Itiviti’s solutions help market participants stay on top of these developments. April 25, 2017

Presenting a complete sell-side solution

Trading Troels Jensen, Executive Vice President and COO of Itiviti, delves into the company’s product vision: a full spectrum platform for the sell-side industry. March 29, 2017

Itiviti one year on

Trading In February 2016, Itiviti was born out of the merger between market leaders Orc, Tbricks and CameronTec. One year on, Lee Griggs – President EMEA at Itiviti – explains how far the company has come and the positive reaction seen from the market in response to Itiviti’s expanded offering for the sell-side. March 27, 2017

What is a Smart Order Router (SOR)?

Market & Liquidity Access A Smart Order Router (SOR) is software used by banks and brokers to optimize execution by using advanced routing rules and algorithms when directing orders to multiple trading venues. SORs have long been a key technology for equities, but will become important across all asset classes. The first generation of SORs emerged as a direct result of the introduction of MiFID (1) in 2007.  MiFID […] November 7, 2016

Four trends that shape sell-side evolution

Trading After years of stagnant trading volumes and shrinking margins, sell-side institutions are now facing a new set of challenges. Increasing regulatory demands and their effects on markets put the pressure on banks and brokers to remodel their entire business approach. Conventional initiatives for cost-cutting and streamlining operations will not suffice; banks and brokers must also […] October 25, 2016

Direct Market Access case study

Market & Liquidity Access Mikael Persson, Vice President Strategic Research Trading and Trade Execution, discusses how one Itiviti client uses our DMA solution globally. What are the main components, how many markets are involved, and how will Itiviti’s offering evolve going forward? What we’ll cover: What are the main components? How many markets are involved? How will Itiviti’s offering […] July 18, 2016

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