Itiviti’s next-generation Tbricks platform is now Java-enabled, empowering firms with one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Combined with the existing C++ apps API and Lua scripting framework, Tbricks now offers unique multi-language development capabilities on a single trading platform.Tbricks gets Java

Designed for full functional parity with the C++ apps API, the Java apps API offers a new choice when addressing the contrasting demands of development today: rapid implementation and broad functionality vs high-performance processing where every microsecond counts. With this new API, Tbricks will be elevated to a wider development audience, driving firms to capitalise on their existing Java competence and codebase.

The Tbricks Java apps API is available in Tbricks 2.8, released in May.


C++ or Java – does it really matter? 

The basic design concept of Tbricks is modular: a high-performance system core is complemented by independent apps that contain al business logic. The apps are ready to use out-of-the-box, but can also be customized often using zero lines of code. However, when coding is required, C++ has been the only option — until now. We asked Tom Williams, Assistant VP Sales Engineering Itiviti to explain what this means.

Tom Williams, C++ or Java — does it really matter?
There are pros and cons with both languages, of course.  A Java fan might say that Java is more user friendly, while the C++ advocate could argue that C++ is faster. But in the end, I think it boils down to personal preference, the current code base and the right tool for the job.

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New Tbricks app: Volatility spreader

The Volatility spreader is a dispersion trading strategy, allowing you to capitalize on any temporary divergence between the implied volatilities of correlated options products. As a relative value trading strategy, the app takes positions when the volatility differential between options series exceeds a predefined threshold, while keeping the portfolio delta-neutral in tandem with the Delta hedger app. Featuring flexible contract selection, fill re-balancing and hidden execution, the Volatility spreader is an essential tool in the professional volatility trader’s arsenal. 

Volatility Spreader


New app: ATM forward manager

The ATM Forward manager controls the dividend, convenience yield and forward price offset parameters for the selected product. The app allows you to edit the dividend amounts, yields and offsets manually as well as implying them from the put-call parity principle, from implied volatilities or the futures/future calendar spread prices. 

ATM Forward manager