Itiviti AB established to deliver powerful trading and connectivity offering built for the future.

The Management of Itiviti introduced a newly named company and brand, marking the completion of the previously announced unification of Orc Group, a global market leader in electronic trading technology for listed derivatives, and CameronTec Group, the global standard in financial messaging infrastructure and connectivity.  Itiviti holds market leading positions in several areas from the outset and the combination significantly expands the customer proposition for banks, brokers and trading firms. For more on Itiviti.

Itiviti launches the first enterprise testing platform, Continuum.

Itiviti launched Continuum by Itiviti, which is the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise testing solution that redefines the way firms test trading systems. It delivers immediate benefits for the capital markets in the critical areas of compliance and growth.  For more please visit Continuum. 

Itiviti introduces Itiviti Analyst for MAR

Itiviti Analyst’s MAR solution is designed to help firms ensure compliance with the new European Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), which will become effective on July 3, 2016. Itiviti Analyst MAR covers all mandatory scenarios and asset classes subject to MAR regulation (shares, ETFs, derivatives and bonds.)  It consumes all data (i.e. orders and trades) through an industry standard FIX drop copy, enabling simple integration with virtually any system. Market data, news and benchmarks are stored tick by tick in the ticker plant (OneTick) provided by Itiviti’s partner One Market Data.  See more.  

Itiviti launches Volatility Spreader App for dispersion trading

The Volatility Spreader is a dispersion trading strategy allowing users to capitlize on any temporary divergence between the volatilities of correlated options products.  As a relative value trading strategy, the app takes positions when the volatility differential between options series exceeds a predefined threshold, while keeping the portfolio delta-neutral in tandem with the Delta hedger app. Featuring flexible contract selection, fill re-balancing and hidden execution, the Volatility Spreader is an essential tool in the professional volatility trader’s arsenal.

Tbricks by Itiviti leverages WiredTiger for optimal performance

Tbricks by Itiviti is powered by an embedded transactional database that vastly outperforms conventional SQL databases. In our constant quest to optimize performance, we have now migrated from our previous in-memory database technology to WiredTiger.  The WiredTiger storage engine is a modern data management technology that delivers rock-solid performance and scalability with workload and data volumes.  Key features include more efficient use of I/O, multiple CPU cores and large memory in a single server, while requiring zero maintenance or administration as part of a Tbricks set up.  Now used by most Tbricks clients, reported benefits include better performance and significant reductions in disk usage, where WiredTiger requires 40-80% less space than the previous technology. See more.

Measuring trading technology performance and best practices.

Due to the constantly increasing level of customization in trading systems, Itiviti recognized a need in the industry for advanced performance measurement tools.  While we implement these resources, we wanted to explain best practices in measuring performance around common and challenging market scenarios.   For more in depth insight and a measurement checklist, please read Trading Technology Performance: An Introduction to Measurement Tools and Best Practices.

MiFID II – Practical considerations for gainful compliance

Join us on a webinar with key MiFID II experts where we will discuss the key principles of MiFID II and how they impact trading and investment firms; data and technology practices, the impact across different asset classes, including derivatives and fixed income securities and guidance on meeting the technology and process requirements under the new market structure rules and definitions.

Getting compliant ready

MiFID II has the potential to transform trading and transparency. Watch our expert panel including Stephen Hanks from the Financial Conduct Authority, Brendan Bradley from Eurex and Itiviti’s Christer Wennerberg discuss recommendations for readiness.

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