In view of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Itiviti is taking measures to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers. We have executed our Business Continuity Plan, which is designed to ensure that customers and partners do not experience interruptions in our systems and operations.

Please note that the plan is subject to change if deemed necessary.

  • Follow World Health Organization Guidelines

Itiviti monitors daily the World Health Organization announcements and guidelines and follows them to minimize the risk to staff and the wider population.

  • Implement Travel Restrictions During a Pandemic

Itiviti has implemented a restrictive travel policy. No international travel will be permitted. All rules may be modified to accommodate different scenarios.

  • Establish Infection Control Measures

All organization personnel is to be informed regarding protective actions and/or modifications related to this plan. We substitute teleconferences for face-to-face meetings and activate Work From Home policies. We also request and enable employees to stay home at the first sign of symptoms.

  • Essential Functions or Services

Itiviti regularly reviews the process involved in carrying out essential functions and services in order to develop plans that mitigate the effects of the pandemic while simultaneously allowing the continuation of operations that support essential functions. Itiviti has identified essential functions and services needed to sustain its mission and operations during a pandemic. Itiviti’s Essential Functions are:

- Customer Success

- Infrastructure Services and operations

- Information Security

- Internal Corporate IT

- Executive Management Team (EMT)

  • Continuity of Service Facilities

The traditional use of continuity facilities to maintain essential functions and services is not necessary during a pandemic that is projected to last only a few months. Itiviti’s data centers are semi-autonomous and as such does not require operators to be within close proximity of the servers. Day-to-Day operations occur remotely from Itiviti offices or from an employee’s home. Itiviti has assessed that it can operate in this state for approximately 6 - 9 months without significant degradation to the services provided to clients. 

Itiviti has a global infrastructure deployed in 21+ data centers across the world. This infrastructure contains multiple levels of redundancies and utilizes disparate providers across different geographic locations. This allows us to dynamically scale up, down, or shift workloads from an impacted data center to one that is unaffected by the pandemic. Itiviti has also ensured that all data centers have appropriate pandemic procedures in place and will be able to maintain essential functions and services during a global pandemic outbreak.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and hope you stay safe and healthy.