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Trading system testing: a practitioner checklist

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End-to-end testing of trading environments is essential for financial services firms today – yet it can seem daunting to implement these complex systems, especially if it involves an overarching overhaul...

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The need to take an enterprise approach to testing

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It goes without saying that it’s imperative for trading technologists to thoroughly test their systems before the put them in a production environment.

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The operational benefits of infrastructure testing

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Getting it right. In earlier blog posts, we’ve discussed the challenges of implementing efficient trading infrastructure testing systems, and the intricate complexities of their adoption.

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Why infrastructure testing is critical to your trading business

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End-to-end testing of trading infrastructure is critical in today’s increasingly heavily regulated environment – but compliance comes at a price.

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The evolution of enterprise testing

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Testing in the financial industry is changing, both as a consequence of new regulatory requirements and in response to changing perceptions of the value it generates.

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Moving towards enterprise level testing

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Over the years, testing has increasingly become a strategic activity that is seen less as a cost and more as an opportunity to maximize efficiency and support business activity.

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