Trading infrastructure testing and why it's important

Testing 3

As trading processes become ever more sophisticated and regulators race to catch up, the end-to-end testing of trading infrastructure is an increasingly crucial component of compliance.

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MiFID II: The implications for trading systems and infrastructure

Regulation 3

MiFID II marked a sea change in the approach to the handling of order, trade and transaction data.

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MiFID II in action: half-year review

Regulation 1

Roughly six months after the introduction of MiFID II, Johannes Frey-Skött - VP Apps Engineering, Itiviti - talks to The TRADE about the short-term impact of the regulation on European...

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MiFID II: the need for a centralized messaging platform

Regulation 3

With the pressure of initial implementation now a distant memory, MiFID II-regulated firms are turning their attention to the real work required to create sustainable long-term solutions.

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MiFID II: Industrializing the response using UL BRIDGE

Connectivity 2

This white paper examines how ULLINK’s UL BRIDGE gives firms the agility, scale and reliability they need to centralize and standardize trade data management workflows, including those required for MiFID...

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What technology can do for (systematic) internalization

Infrastructure 1

Internalization has historically involved a lot of manual processes, but these can be costly in terms of both accuracy and efficiency.

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OMS-EMS evolution: Drivers of new functionality

Automation Execution 1

This is the second part in a series that explores the past, present and future of Order Management Systems (OMS) and the closely related Execution Management Systems (EMS).

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Regulation in a post-globalization environment

Regulation 1

Jim Northey explores the topic of regulation in a post-globalization environment.

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The challenges of time synchronization

Regulation 3

We take the concept of time for granted, but in truth it has a complicated history.

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