Great companies have great leaders and at Itiviti we are no different. We’ve conducted a series of interviews with our leadership team discussing some of the ways we are helping our clients and employees stay ahead. Today, we sit down with Gavin Welsh, Head of Customer Success Itiviti, and learn more about how our Customer Success teams across the globe are helping our clients succeed.


1. How long have you been at Itiviti Gavin?

I joined Itiviti in July 2019 but I've been involved in supporting clients in one shape or another for the last thirty years. I have been on both sides of the vendor fence, having worked for execution brokers and used a number of different trading platforms so I would like to think that I've got a pretty in-depth understanding of the dynamics of our client base and our competitors.


2. What does ‘Customer Success’ mean to you and to Itiviti?

When you hear customer success (CS) people often think it's just a ‘buzz word’ for support but it's much more than that. We want every client's experience with Itiviti to be the best it can be, with Itiviti delivering the best product possible which is truly tailored for our client’s specific needs. To do this you have to build a relationship with your clients, understand how their business workflows, and ultimately what they are trying to achieve. Through this close collaboration, you earn trust, respect, and build solid relationships which ultimately lead to retention and growth. This is what Itiviti and Customer Success is always striving to achieve.


3. How has Itiviti supported clients through this Covid-19 pandemic?

Thankfully the Itiviti infrastructure already provided the global Customer Success team with the ability to work remotely with full access to all the necessary platforms needed to service our clients. In addition to our normal methods of communication with our clients, we quickly implemented our real-time chat application Live-person, allowing easier and quicker access to our team during these volatile market conditions. During the first few weeks of the lockdown, we witnessed higher volumes of questions being reported by our clients, which was only natural and fully expected but the structure of the team meant that these were comfortably handled.


4. Supporting a global customer base can be difficult, what are some of the things Itiviti is doing to improve the efficiency of the CS teams? 

Behind the scenes, a lot of work has gone into streamlining and automating our processes by enhancing the tools we use to help improve our day-to-day performance. Through these initiatives, we are now capturing more advanced data around our client’s interactions with our Customer Success organization, more granular information, and performing trend analysis to see what events are impacting our own performance and how quickly we react to them. We have seen over the last six months a completely different approach to how we monitor our own performance and this improvement has been seen by our clients. These new processes also mean we can now help our R&D teams identify areas that need additional focus and resources which ultimately further improve our offering.

We are measuring CS capacity to ensure we have the right people in the right locations to serve our clients. The last place we want to be as an organization is winning new business yet we are unable to service this growth. We have built active tracking models that can now help us proactively forecast our CS requirements based on client size and trading complexities. 

With our new capacity planning, we have already identified that we needed to boost our CS team and we have therefore invested heavily in creating a new team within the CS group, which will be based out of our Cluj office, again with the focus on quick and rapid responses, escalation and resolution. We recognize in fast-moving markets our clients need a quick turn around on issues reported without a compromise on quality, this is something we always adhere to.

Following the launch of our quarterly client surveys, we created an ‘Incident Review Committee’ (IRC) a group represented by members from each area of our business who regularly meet to discuss the feedback we receive from our client base. The team is responsible for taking onboard feedback on product improvements, enhancements to existing processes as well as analysis of any issues that may occur. The group is tasked with understanding what is currently working well and to learn from any issues that may arise to ensure that we do everything within our power to prevent these from occurring again.


5. What are some of the new initiatives you have implemented since joining Itiviti and how will they help clients?

I mentioned our Live Person chat system which we have already integrated with our extranet service,  we are now working on taking this a step further by integrating our chat feature with social media, something that our existing APAC client base has asked Itiviti to support and we are sure our future clients in that region will require. I expect this new feature to be available sometime towards the end of Q2.  

Providing our clients with tools that will allow them to perform self-service tasks is something I believe in very strongly and therefore we have extended our extranet Jira service to our principal trading clients using our Tbricks platform. This new functionality, which will be available from June,  will provide our clients with the ability to create tickets, view, and comment on existing cases they have previously logged.

We have seen tremendous growth within NYFIX, our FIX based order routing network as well as other FIX/API related products like Appia, Catalys, and Conductor, it’s important for us to ensure our new clients are not only onboarded quickly but also supported at all times. For us to be able to achieve this, we have made a significant investment in new hires globally, as well as providing further training to existing CS staff ensuring we have the solid support base to cover client needs and will allow us to offer a full 24/7 service, something that we will go live within Q3 this year. 


6. What sets Itiviti’s customer success team apart from the competition?

It's easy for me to sit here and say they ‘go the extra mile’ which by the way they do, that goes without saying but I was totally gobsmacked by the diversity and knowledge that the teams have, something I commented on during my first company town hall. 

When you think about Itiviti’s vast and diverse product offerings, it’s hard to appreciate just how knowledgeable the group is, especially on our principal trading platform Tbricks, where our team can be dealing with anything from volatility trading to market making. The level of service we provide goes way beyond what is the norm. 

The group, on the whole, continues to adapt to the changes we are making always with the mindset of whatever will help our clients, which is great for me to see and long may it continue.


7. What are some of the key focus areas for the customer success teams within Itiviti?

Investment in people is key to our success both now and in the future. With the extremely strong pipeline of business we have, future SSEOMS replacements, competitor displacements, and NYFIX growth, we will continue to invest heavily with new recruitment. YTD we have increased our CS footprint by over 20%.  In this area, I don’t think our competitors can say the same and in fact, we have seen the opposite with some of our largest competitors reducing their CS teams. 

Continuing with the theme of investing in our people, there is a big push and demand for FI, FX, and Crypto coverage from our client base, so this year we are committed to providing in-depth training on these asset classes to our teams to ensure they are ready to support our clients in these areas.

As a company we have focused on ensuring efficiency is a key priority, we are always looking at ways we can leverage both existing tools, as well as new tools available to ensure we streamline and simplify our processes to help our clients and where possible allow them to help themselves.


8. What are your long term goals for CS at Itiviti and how do you see these goals fitting into the business objectives of Itiviti? 

My long term goal is very simple,  to continue investing in our CS teams, our tools, and processes to ensure we provide our clients with the support they need to succeed. Itiviti is an extremely ambitious company with aggressive growth plans, our clients are key to this, and ensuring that we are seen not only as a trusted vendor partner but as an extension to our client’s own in-house teams is key.  After all, when our customers succeed, we succeed, a cliche but the truth.  

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Written by

Gavin Welsh

Head of Customer Success

Gavin has over thirty years of experience working in customer services and support on both client and vendor side.
Gavin joined Itiviti in July 2019 and heads up the global customer success teams at Itiviti.

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