Embedded within FIX messages generated during the trading process and flow through both client connectivity and broker order routing networks are vast and mostly untapped quantitative client behavioral data. Using analytics specifically designed to ingest FIX messages drawn from across the enterprise in real time, broker-dealers can identify potential new revenue streams, enhance CRM, assess client profitability and reduce connectivity costs and risk. 

This article – produced by GreySpark Partners on behalf of Itiviti – assesses the benefits to brokers of using a Managed FIX Service that not only provides the client connectivity but also a Business Intelligence toolkit that can ingest FIX data from any OMS within the brokers’ enterprise. The revealed insights can be used by a range of individuals – from business heads and technologists to support staff across the firm – to achieve objectives that enhance the broker’s trading business in its entirety.

Full white paper available now!

Itiviti, in conjunction with GreySpark Partners, recently engaged in a comprehensive assessment of how brokers use vendor-provided managed FIX connectivity components. Specifically, how these components can be enhanced by the use of business intelligence data analytics to equip front-office personnel with rich insights into the trading behavior of their clients.

Download this white paper and learn more about how managed FIX services BI analytics can help you remain focused and competitive: https://www.itiviti.com/insights/deriving-value-from-managed-fix-services-bi-analytics


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