ETFs globally have gone through an incredible growth phase over the past decade. The market has increased more than 700%, from below $1 trillion to around $7.7 trillion now (with a predicted volume of over $10 trillion by 2025 according to the recent Ernst & Young Annual ETF Conference).

While historically ETFs have been seen as a cost-efficient way to track passive investments, more recently we’ve seen considerable growth in the active and smart-beta space, and these types of investment vehicles now accounting for around 30% of the global ETF market.

  • What are the challenges around sourcing the composition of ETFs?
  • What are the key components required in ETF market making platforms?
  • What are the challenges ETF market making technology needs to solve?
  • ETF creation/redemption workflows - how is this evolving?
  • Fixed Income ETFs have increased in popularity. What are the necessary platform changes to support this?

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*This article is first published in the Q1 2021 issue of GlobalTrading.

Linda Middleditch

Written by

Linda Middleditch

EVP, Head of Product Strategy and Engineering, Itiviti Group

Linda is the Chief of Product Strategy and Engineering of Itiviti. She joined Itiviti in 2019 and she is responsible for defining and executing the product vision and strategy.
Prior to joining Itiviti, Linda held different executive positions at Bloomberg LP, where she was responsible for defining and implementing the strategy of their sell-side equity O/EMS and Tradebook Futures solutions.

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