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What the heck is “middleware” anyway?

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Middleware is a term often thrown around when talking about technology, but what exactly does it mean? There is no precise definition because it is used to cover a range...

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Supercharging client connectivity with machine learning

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Data is considered the oil of the 21st century, undoubtedly due to the value of the insight associated with it.

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Deriving value from managed FIX services BI analytics

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Itiviti, in conjunction with GreySpark Partners, recently engaged in a comprehensive assessment of how brokers use vendor-provided managed FIX connectivity components.

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Extracting business insights from managed FIX services

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Embedded within FIX messages generated during the trading process and flow through both client connectivity and broker order routing networks are vast and mostly untapped quantitative client behavioral data.

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NYFIX Matching: a game-changing post-trade solution

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NYFIX Matching is a FIX-based local matching solution developed in partnership with our long-term partner Alpha Omega.

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Trading system testing: a practitioner checklist

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End-to-end testing of trading environments is essential for financial services firms today – yet it can seem daunting to implement these complex systems, especially if it involves an overarching overhaul...

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The need to take an enterprise approach to testing

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It goes without saying that it’s imperative for trading technologists to thoroughly test their systems before the put them in a production environment.

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The operational benefits of infrastructure testing

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Getting it right. In earlier blog posts, we’ve discussed the challenges of implementing efficient trading infrastructure testing systems, and the intricate complexities of their adoption.

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Trading infrastructure testing: the main challenges

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In previous blog posts, we have discussed the importance of trading infrastructure testing and the regulatory and operational impetus driving its necessity.

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