Leveraging low latency and high-performance market-making capabilities, Itiviti’s modular Tbricks’ trading platform enables FX trading desks to provide customers with deep liquidity and advanced automatic execution services.

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  • Provides out-of-the-box pricing models that cover 95% of the market (Spot, Outrights, NDFs, Swaps, Blocks)
  • Apply custom logic to leverage any internal IP
  • Synthetically price inverses and crosses
  • Use external models and inject price offsets via FIX or API
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Price distribution

  • Customer tiering and permissioning
  • Shaped market data to account for margin and commission.
  • Distribute prices using direct API, FIX, or platforms (BBG, 360T, FX All and Currenex)
  • Price banded order books
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Market making

  • Quote into different liquidity pools to automatically match incoming orders from different client tiers
  • Manually create liquidity to be matched with care orders
  • “Quote” prices on external venues, synthetically by using orders
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Algo trading

  • Synthetic order types on non-exchange connections, such as Icebergs, Stop-loss, Stop Profit
  • Scheduled execution using randomized time buckets (TWAP)
  • Extend the system’s existing framework for bespoke algo functionality
  • Offer your clients access to the algo framework for a complete DSA offering
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Liquidity sourcing

  • Connect to more than 90+ LPs through the Market Factory API
  • Provides direct connection with all major MDPs
  • Comes with a single FIX API to major banks and brokers
  • Offers a smart aggregation service to mix different types of liquidity from multiple sources
  • Pass through client orders directly onto the connected venues for low latency DMA.
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Risk management

  • Pre-trade checks separated from the gateways to allow for custom checks such as payment instructions, risk limits, maturity risk, etc
  • Static limits checks such as:
    • Volume/Value limits
    • Order throughput limits
    • Delta protection limits
  • Hedge manually or automatically based on pre-configured triggers.

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