Reflecting the growing reliance on FIX as the global language for financial messaging, Itiviti’s industry leading FIX engines, Appia and Catalys cover the full breadth of multi-asset trading and connectivity scenarios. Architected for flexibility, with extensive toolsets for customization, they fit seamlessly into any technology environment, whether fully integrated or as standalone applications.


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Go lightweight

Appia provides powerful embedded FIX connectivity and fits seamlessly into an existing trading system stack.

  • High performance with minimal footprint
  • Integrate with any application, internal or external
  • Extensive library of APIs and broad language support
  • Industry-standard encryption of transactions and messaging
  • Web-based monitoring tool
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Go heavyweight

Catalys is the industry’s leading enterprise grade FIX solution for regional and global trading environments.

  • Full multi-asset, multi-market functionality
  • Selection of technology and business adapters
  • Enables transparent infrastructure with connectivity to any market
  • Comprehensive API for inhouse system integration
  • User-friendly dashboard for control and monitoring
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Peak performance

Itiviti FIX engines minimize connectivity latency, lost messages and downtime.

  • Low latency connectivity across asset classes
  • Robust design
  • Fault tolerance mode for uninterrupted trading

How it works

Caters to the entire transactional path

Engineered to address all phases and each critical aspect of the deal life cycle.

Multi-asset, multi-market

Offers full multi-market, multi-asset trading and manages all FIX data flows in the FIX infrastructure.  

Transparent, cross-region trading infrastructure

Enables firms to build fully transparent cross-region trading infrastructures, with connectivity to any market, internal and external counterparties and clients.

Open architecture

Enabled to manage all order sources, ranging from manually entered orders to advanced Order Management Systems and algo frameworks.

Key products

  • Catalys

    The industry’s leading enterprise FIX Solution with full multi-asset, multi-market functionality, robust fault tolerance and low-latency.

    • Client facing FIX connectivity facilitating thousands of client connections, distributed over multiple hubs and regions.
    • Unprecedented business level controls over financial/operations risk, order routing and monitoring.
    • Selection of technology and business adaptors for inbound, outbound and transversal system communications.
    • Embedded exchange and enterprise solutions to facilitate connectivity to both exchanges and other trading venues.
    • Handling to refined OMS systems and algo framework.
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  • Appia

    The modular approach to FIX connectivity, APPIA, is delivers comprehensive functionality to establish, configure, monitor and customize FIX connectivity.

    • Rich set of cross-language APIs allowing plug in to embed in any third-party app
    • Low latency and high availability connectivity across asset classes
    • Customize the FIX infrastructure monitoring and incorporate dashboards to oversee the day-to-day electronic trading activity
    • Uninterrupted trading using the fault tolerance mode, offering reliability and continuity
    • Encryption security, adopting latest industry standards for SSL, TLS, DES and 3DES
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Who it is for​

Itiviti has a FIX engine for every firm, big or small, buy-side or sell-side. This includes trading firms, brokerage houses, exchanges, alternative regulated and non-regulated venues, independent software or market data providers. Read about some of our current clients here.

How we deliver

Itiviti offers flexible delivery models with multiple options for deployment, technical support and software administration. Our software products are available for on-premise deployment or as managed services, all covered by 24/6 multi-language support by our global team.

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