FIX is the language of the global financial markets. Our solutions make sure that your systems can speak it. Whoever you’re talking to, whether buy-side or sell-side, venue or regulator, our FIX tools and technology give you performance, data interoperability and insight. That’s why we’re the leading FIX protocol technology provider.

What we cover

FIX Engines, Enterprise FIX and FIX Enablement

A FIX engine is your bridge to the market. Whether fully embedded or a standalone application, whether providing a handful of vital connections or enterprise-scale, that engine has to run smoothly. Itiviti’s industry leading FIX engines, Appia and Catalys, deliver consistently standout performance, however your trading technology is structured, whatever you’re connecting to.

Go lightweight
  • Appia slots seamlessly into your trading infrastructure to provide powerful embedded FIX connectivity and enablement with a minimal footprint
Seamless integration
  • Appia is famous for its extensive library of APIs and broad language support – integrate with any application, internal or external
Go heavyweight
  • Catalys is the industry’s leading enterprise grade FIX solution with full multi-asset, multi-market functionality with robust fault tolerance and low latency
Enterprise expansion
  • Catalys is flexible and extensible allowing for bespoke integrations, supporting business growth
Peak performance
  • All Itiviti FIX engines lead their sections of the market in avoiding connectivity latency, lost messages and downtime

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Testing, Verification and Certification

Manual FIX testing is a broken approach. Today’s data-rich, time-poor trading landscape calls for a better alternative. Itiviti’s FIX testing, verification and certification solutions automate processes for rapid, robust deployment. The market’s most feature rich testing and simulation tool promises exhaustive testing while automated client certification vets FIX counterparties quickly and cleanly.

Confidence in your FIX connectivity
  • Use rigorous, extensive testing tools to reduce risk in your trading environment
Lower costs, fewer errors
  • Automate to save time, money and reduce errors while reserving in-house resources for core business tasks
Stay in control
  • Avoid dependency on counterparty test environments with comprehensive testing and verification tools
Test everything
  • Test and verify any deployment, of any size and any complexity
Fully tested before going live
  • Test your trading system to its limits with granular verification to create efficiencies before going live
Unlock revenue
  • Automate counterparty certification for 80% faster speed to revenue

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Session Monitoring and Management

Today's low-latency trading environment is unforgiving; there’s no time for downtime or manual checks on customer concerns. Keep a close eye on your FIX sessions to ensure constant uptime, flawless connectivity and rapid resolution. Itiviti’s FIX session monitoring and management proactively alerts users to issues before they develop into problems.

Keep up
  • Leverage automation to detect and resolve issue in line with customer expectations
Stay ahead
  • Catch and solve issues before they grow into problems with proactive alerting
Manage sessions, maintain relationships
  • Avoid errors and service interruptions to maintain high quality services to customers
See all things in all sessions
  • Full, enterprise-wide visibility of current and historical sessions for finding and solving problems
Customizable and configurable
  • Track targeted metrics with bespoke dashboards to monitor key concerns based on historical trends and individual needs

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How we deliver

Itiviti offers flexible delivery models with multiple options for deployment, technical support and software administration. Our software products are available for on-premise deployment or as managed services, all covered by 24/6 multi-language support by our global team.

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