Designed for flexibility and customization, Itiviti’s industry leading FIX engines and tools cover the full breadth of multi-asset trading and connectivity, while fitting seamlessly into any technology environment, whether fully integrated or as standalone applications.

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High performance and flexbility with a minimal footprint

  • Whether providing connectivity to a handful of vital connections or enterprise-scale client connectivity, Itiviti FIX Engines deliver outstanding performance, flexibility and stability.
  • Tailored for every size of the trading firms from buy-side or sell-side.
  • Rich set of cross-language APIs allowing plug in to embed in any third-party app.
  • Customize the FIX infrastructure monitoring and incorporate dashboards to oversee the day-to-day electronic trading activity.
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Full, multi-asset, multi-market functionality

  • Client-facing connectivity facilitating thousands of client connections, distributed over multiple hubs and regions.
  • Unprecedented business-level controls over financial/operations risk, order routing and monitoring.
  • Embedded exchange and enterprise solutions for the facilitation of connectivity to both exchanges and other trading venues.
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Peak Performance

  • Low latency and high availability connectivity across asset classes.
  • Robust design.
  • Fault tolerance mode for uninterrupted trading.

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Delivered as a fully managed service, NYFIX is a broker-independent, vendor agnostic FIX order routing network that connects buy-side, sell-side and trading venues across all asset classes.

Testing, Verification & Certification

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Client Connectivity Services

Composed of client onboarding, testing, certification, and session monitoring tools, our Client Connectivity Services allows customers to offload non-core but critical aspects of their connectivity technology to Itiviti.

Itiviti platform

Learn about our Connectivity, Trading, and Automation solution framework and how it can be tailored to fit your precise requirements.

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