Traditionally, sell-side front offices have been forced to make difficult choices between single, integrated trading platforms and discrete, modular applications designed to support specialist front-office functions like and execution management.

Now, however, there is another option — a single, integrated front-office platform consisting of a suite of modular applications that can be implemented as a whole, or as a cluster of standalone applications that can sit alongside other best-of-breed tools and interoperate with them through open APIs.

Make sure you join us for our upcoming webinar, where we will look into the business and operational advantages of implementing modular applications, either as part of a best-of-breed architecture or to form a single, integrated front-to-back-office platform.

Topics to also be discussed include:

  • The business benefits and technology implications offered on the back of implementing modular tools specifically designed to interoperate with other third-party applications
  • The emergence of open APIs and how they are allowing sell-side firms to move into new business areas and asset classes

Speakers include:

  • Lou Rosato, Director, BlackRock
  • Linda Middleditch, Chief of Product Strategy & Engineering, Itiviti
  • Rajneesh Acharya, Managing Director, Bank of America
  • Vijay Mayadas, President, Capital Markets, Executive Committee Member, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Moderated by Victor Anderson, Global Content Director, WatersTechnology

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