Tbricks integrated multi-asset pricing and trading platform features a wide range of specialized tools and functions tailored for ETF market makers of all sizes in all regions.

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Effective composition management

  • Direct integration with IHS Markit and Ultumus ‘out-of-the-box’, plus file and database integration.
  • Powerful composition comparison (NAVs) from multiple sources - exception-based workflow throughout.
  • Creation/redemption/tracking basket support.
  • Review iNAV pricing impact in real-time.
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Handling price

  • Comprehensive tools for pricing global ETFs including the use of correlated instruments.
  • Automated time and rule-based price source logic.
  • Customizable models for constituent, basket or index price generation.
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Quoting and hedging strategies

  • Native support for high-performance market making of Delta 1 instruments including multi or cross-listed funds.
  • Off-the-shelf logic for dime, join and electronic eye strategies.
  • Powerful hedging strategies to leverage correlated instruments.
  • Use currency hedging functionality to eliminate FX exposure.
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Watch your RFQs

  • Manual and fully automatic RFQ negotiation workflows.
  • Off-the-shelf integration with ETF RFQ venues such as Tradeweb.
  • Combine with Itiviti’s Systematic Internaliser to aggregate client interest into a single platform.

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Options Trading & Market Making

Tbricks connects market makers across a wide range of asset classes and markets globally with Itiviti customers providing liquidity in options, warrants, futures, ETFs, and FX.

Volatility Trading & Pricing

With Tbricks' ready-to-deploy pricing and volatility management features, users can integrate proprietary models and custom interfaces, allowing them to implement a quantitative trading tool set tailored to their needs.

Risk and Position Management

Many of the trading compliance challenges firms face today stem from poor, ineffective risk management. As the industry faces up to new and evolving regulations, Tbricks ensures compliance, both now and in the future.

Automated Trading

Tbricks is built for automation, combining extensive functionality with significant flexibility and ease of integration, enabling firms to realise greater efficiencies and cost savings in their custom trading strategies.

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