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What the heck is “middleware” anyway?

Middleware is a term often thrown around when talking about technology, but what exactly does it mean? There...

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Webinar: NYFIX Matching for post-trade affirmation EMEA

For the past two decades, the post-trade affirmation process was done either manually or through the OMGEO suite...

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Inside Customer Success at Itiviti with Gavin Welsh

Great companies have great leaders and at Itiviti we are no different. We’ve conducted a series of interviews...

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Clash of the Titans - SARS vs Covid-19

I am writing this from my home in Hong Kong, not far away from the border of China...

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The Derivatives Insight Report

To date, the derivatives market has proved its value during this time of immense turbulence. Firms across the...

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Business Continuity, but not as we know it

Pre COVID-19, Business Continuity Planning (‘BCP’) for the typical front-office employee generally meant an enforced annual trip to...

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itiviti posts Modular tech

Sellside moves to modular technology implementation

Restraints on operations resulting from inefficient legacy technology are one of the major challenges faced by banks offering...

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The changing landscape of post-trade matching

Post-trade matching and confirmation is a key, yet sometimes overlooked, part of the trade life cycle and increasingly...

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The regulators’ dilemma

The respective governments struggle to keep their societies working while at the same time balancing the consequences of...

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