Proactively alerts users about issues before they develop into problems.

Key features & benefits

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Automation is the key

  • Automated session monitoring.
  • No manual combing of log files for troubleshooting.
  • Facilitate regulatory reporting and review.
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Stay ahead of the curve

  • Proactive alerting means catching issues before they grow into problems.
  • Maintain good relationships by preventing errors and ensuring uptime.
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Complete transparency

  • Full, enterprise-wide visibility of current and historical sessions. 
  • Efficient search and filtering.
  • Drill down to the underlying messages.
  • Track targeted metrics to keep an eye on key concerns.

Related components

Client Connectivity Services

Composed of client onboarding, testing, certification, and session monitoring tools, our Client Connectivity Services allows customers to offload non-core but critical aspects of their connectivity technology to Itiviti.

Client Onboarding & Exception Management

A normalization service connecting you to your trading counterparties whether the flow is in-bound from clients or outbound to brokers. 

Testing, Verification & Certification

A feature-rich testing and simulation tool (including Imandra’s Core Reasoning engine) with AI-automated client certification to vet FIX counterparties quickly and cleanly.

Itiviti platform

Learn about our Connectivity, Trading, and Automation solution framework and how it can be tailored to fit your precise requirements.

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