A normalization service connecting you to your trading counterparties whether the flow is in-bound from clients or outbound to brokers.


Key features & benefits

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Improved transparency

  • Client trading behavior.
  • Order flow monitoring with exception management.
  • Engine/Session/Order status.
  • Message comparison functionality.
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Fast onboarding

  • Web-based request portal for new connections.
  • Our Experienced global staff works around the clock on new onboards.
  • Full insight into the timing and underlying milestones for each connection request.
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Flexible delivery models

  • For a fully managed solution or a partially managed one based on the client's need. 
  • Client onboarding can be coordinated by Itiviti or the client.
  • Advanced tooling allows for client customizations and dynamic routing rules can be created on-the-fly.
  • Client-focused delivery by our more than 250 Managed support staff.

Related components

Client Connectivity Services

Composed of client onboarding, testing, certification, and session monitoring tools, our Client Connectivity Services allows customers to offload non-core but critical aspects of their connectivity technology to Itiviti.

Testing, Verification & Certification

A feature-rich testing and simulation tool (including Imandra’s Core Reasoning engine) with AI-automated client certification to vet FIX counterparties quickly and cleanly.

Session Monitoring & Management

Proactively alerts users about issues before they develop into problems.

FIX Engines & Tools

Designed for flexibility and customization, Itiviti’s industry leading FIX engines and tools cover the full breadth of multi-asset trading and connectivity, while fitting seamlessly into any technology environment, whether fully integrated or as standalone applications.

Our partner

Imandra, the world-leader in cloud-scale automated reasoning, democratizing deep advances in algorithm analysis and symbolic AI for making algorithms safe, explainable and fair.

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