The industry’s leading enterprise FIX Solution with full multi-asset, multi-market functionality, robust fault tolerance and low-latency.

How it works

Addressing all crucial areas of the transactional path

Catalys is engineered to fully address all aspects of the crucial areas in the deal life cycle, such as pre- and post-trade.

Multi-asset, multi-market

Catalys offers full multi-asset trading and manages all FIX Data flows in the FIX Infrastructure.

Transparent, cross-region trading infrastructure

Catalys offers large global firms to build fully transparent cross-region trading infrastructures, with connectivity to any market, internal and external counterparties and clients.

Open architecture

With its open architecture, Catalys handles all order sources, ranging from manual order handling to refined OMS systems and algo framework.

Key features

  • Client facing connectivity facilitating thousands of client connections, distributed over multiple hubs and regions.
  • Unprecedented business level controls over financial/operations risk, order routing and monitoring.
  • Selection of technology and business adaptors for inbound, outbound and transversal system communications.
  • Embedded exchange and enterprise solutions for the facilitation of connectivity to both exchanges and other trading venues.
  • In-house system integration, through the comprehensive public Catalys API.

Who it is for

Buy-side and sell-side organizations as well as trading venues, exchanges and regulators.

How it is delivered

Catalys is delivered as a deployed solution.

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