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Itiviti helps financial institutions worldwide to evolve the way they trade, enabling them to stay ahead of the market and seize opportunities early.

We design and connect best-of-breed platforms that scale and adjust flexibly as requirements change. And just as we help our customers prepare for the future, we also develop and grow our people today for the needs of tomorrow.

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Our vision

Evolve trading for the augmented age.

We believe the future of trading is people supported by technology, not the other way around.

The firms of the future will gain advantage from fast, flexible systems that can adapt, automate and evolve as they need.

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How we work together


Continuous innovation has defined Itiviti for 30+years, and still does as we push ourselves to address the big issues of future trading landscapes.


At Itiviti, we value an open-minded approach and constructive communication, while taking time to understand the opinions and ideas of our colleagues. We recognize diversity as an asset for our team and strive for a good work-life balance.


We leverage our combined strengths, sharing our experiences and skills to get the job done. Itiviti’s inclusive people policy means that we engage with colleagues at all levels and value time spent together.


Itiviti values transparency and sharing information at all levels. We promote an open-door policy where everyone is approachable by all our people, regardless of job title.

More than just a job

Once you join Itiviti, you become part of an team of experts where you can make an impact, build your expertise to stay ahead, and match tomorrow’s needs. You will work closely with and learn from the best in a creative and collaborative environment – encouraged and empowered to do really cool stuff.

With a global workforce and multiple nationalities represented; diversity and respect have naturally become part of our core values.

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of staff in R&D


General application

For a general application please send your CV to apply@itiviti.com

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Itiviti Teams


For talented engineers and software developers, the trading technology field offers challenges and rewards matched by few other industries. Designing and developing new products and features for Itiviti's platform is a core business function.

We count on our engineers and developers to deliver mission-critical, high performing and business-enabling solutions for trading in global markets. The performance of Itiviti solutions is vital to our customers’ commercial success and we use state-of-the art software tools and development practises to let you to do your job smarter and faster.

Itiviti’s development sites are located in Chicago, Cluj, Hong Kong, Manila, Mumbai, New York, Paris, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Sydney.

Product Strategy and Solutions

Always forward-looking, Itiviti’s Product Strategy team is one step ahead. They define Itiviti’s go-to-market strategy, essentially the blueprint for our future growth. Their mission is to conceptualize new trading technology, solutions and services to address emerging needs and challenges before they even have been recognized by customers. The Product Strategy team then guides our development efforts to ensure quality delivery of the right products.

They build on our experience and communicate with customers to anticipate their future needs and to spot market trends that call for focused development initiatives to create new business.

Sales & Marketing

Itiviti’s Sales and Marketing operations are organized in three global regions (Americas, EMEA, Asia- Pacific), with strategically located offices in the world’s leading financial centers. This way we stay close to the majority of our customers while maintaining global capabilities to support organizations of all sizes.

Many of our people in Sales and Marketing combine a background in the financial industry with experience from advanced business software. This is a sought-after combination among Itiviti’s customers as well. As a sales person with Itiviti, you help build trust in our ability to find the best technology solution to address actual business needs.

The Marketing Team ensures that the external face of our company supports Itiviti’s business and product strategy across all channels globally and regionally. Their work ensures that messaging is aligned with our key differentiators, tailored and targeted at the right audience. The Marketing Team also provides the Sales Teams with valuable tools and timely information.


Client Services

Itiviti's Customer Services team works closely with customers in implementation, training and support. The team provides tech and operational support for all our products and solutions. In addition, they assist customers with system administration, analyzing and resolving issues to help enhance customers' business performance. In addition, the Customer Services Team is tapped for its outstanding software and financial industry expertise to influence and contribute to Itiviti’s product development.

Professional Services

Itiviti’s Professional Services Team offers bespoke development services to deliver customized solutions. Team members also act as speaking partners and advisors to customers on issues related to the capital markets industry and business strategies. Our advisory services extend to regulatory matters, market structure trends and strategic planning.

Operations & Infrastructure

Itiviti’s Operations & Infrastructure Team plays a key role in ensuring business continuity for our own organization, as well as for our Managed Services customers. The team helps create business value and market differentiation for our organization globally through a range of tasks and services covering technology infrastructure, implementation, tech support, hosted application management, information systems and cyber security.

Corporate functions

At Itiviti, we rely on our own staff for providing vital business support, enabling business operations. Our corporate functions include Finance, People Office (Human Resources), Legal and Compliance, and Administration. Corporate functions are located in Chicago, Cluj, Hong Kong, London, Manila, New York, Paris and Stockholm.

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We're helping trading worldwide evolve for the augmented age.

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