Advancing the state-of-the-art

True to Itiviti’s longstanding commitment to innovation, nearly half of our staff are in Engineering. For talented engineers and software developers, the trading technology field offers challenges and rewards matched by few other industries. Designing and developing new products and features for Itiviti's platform is a core business function. We count on our engineers and developers to deliver mission-critical, high performing and business-enabling solutions for trading in global markets. The performance of Itiviti solutions is vital to our clients’ commercial success and we use advanced programming techniques in C++ and Java combined with modern tools to achieve that. Itiviti’s development sites are located in Chicago, Hancock, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, St. Petersburg and Stockholm.

Product Management and Project Office
Closely tied to Engineering, Itiviti’s Product Management team guides our development efforts to ensure quality delivery of the right products – in demand among our clients and utilized to contribute to their successful trading in global markets.

Strategic Research
We strive to visualize and plan for new trading technology to address client needs and challenges before they even have been recognized as such. This is where Itiviti Strategic Research comes in: a team dedicated to looking one step further ahead and defining the global product roadmap for Itiviti. They build on our skills and experience to anticipate future needs of our clients and to spot market trends that call for focused development initiatives to create new business.


Realizing technology's full potential

Client Services
Itiviti’s Client Services team work closely with clients in implementation, training and support. They provide tech and operational support for all Itiviti products and solutions. In addition, they assist clients with system administration and in analyzing and resolving issues, to help enhance their business performance. In addition, the Client Services team contributes to Itiviti’s product development, combining software and financial industry expertise.

Professional Services
In line with the ‘Buy and Build’ paradigm, Itiviti's Professional Services Team offers bespoke development services to deliver customized solutions. They are also engaged as speaking partners and advisors on issues related to the capital markets industry and clients’ business strategies. Our advisory services extend to regulatory matters, market structure trends and strategic planning.

Managed Services
To focus on their core trading activities and reduce overhead, Itiviti clients are increasingly looking at service-based options for their trading technology operations. With our Managed Services team, you are part of Itiviti’s mission to address these needs. Itiviti’s roadmap calls for our entire product and solutions offering to be made available as managed services.

Sales and Marketing

Global capabilities, local execution

Itiviti’s Sales and Marketing operations are organized in three global regions (Americas, EMEA, Asia-Pacific), with strategically located offices in the world’s leading financial centers. This way we stay close to the majority of our clients while maintaining global capabilities to support organizations of all sizes.

Many of our people in Sales and Marketing combine a background in the financial industry with experience from advanced business software. This is a sought-after combination among Itiviti’s clients as well. As a salesperson with Itiviti, you help build the trust in our ability to find the best technology solution to address actual business needs.

Corporate functions

Enabling business operations

At Itiviti, we rely on our own staff for providing vital business support. Our Corporate functions include Finance, Human Resources, Internal IT, Legal and Compliance, and Administration. Corporate functions are mainly located at Group headquarters in Stockholm.