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Leveraging 30+ years of expertise in derivatives trading technology, our next-generation platform, Tbricks provides the optimal solution for execution automation enabling users to operate, scale, and adapt their business in compliance with relevant regulation globally.


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Features of Tbricks Volatility Trading

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Maintain your edge

Rich set of tools for pricing and risk management.

  • Industry proven volatility and pricing models
  • Scripting support
  • Extensive scenario, reporting and analysis functionality
  • Easy integration with external pricing and volatility models
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Stay Profitable

Quickly identify and execute on trading opportunities.

  • Feature rich, customizable interface for volatility surface management
  • Monitoring and visualization tools for opportunity management
  • Off-the-shelf dispersion trading, greek orders and sophisticated hedging capabilities
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Consolidate on one platform

Support for a wide variety of workflows and instrument types.

  • OTC trading – quickly price and analyze a wide and extendable range of different instrument types and strategies
  • Normalized RFQ management and automated trading to consolidate trading on one platform

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