Supercharge client connectivity with machine learning

Data is considered the oil of the 21st century, undoubtedly due to the value of the insight associated with it. If that is true, then the data processors are modern-day refineries taking a crude product and turning it into a valuable asset. Unlike oil, which is a limited resource, data is limitless and ever-expanding. Being able to process massive amounts of data requires incredible amounts of computing power and the programming prowess to make sense of it all.

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Welcome to the FIX revolution

Itiviti partners with AI innovator Imandra to integrate machine learning into client onboarding and testing tools

Imandra’s technology will initially be applied to improving the onboarding process for our clients to Itiviti’s Managed FIX global connectivity platform, with further plans to swiftly expand the AI capabilities across a number of our software solutions and services. 

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