Data driven ETF trading

In today's market, trading has become complex and more automated than ever before. Not only is pretrade activity and price generation data-driven and automated, so too is risk decomposition and basket transparency. Data accuracy can determine how to trade, what to trade ad whether to trade at all. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have grown rapidly in the last few years in terms of assets, volume, data accuracy is particularly significant for ETFs, which now have more than €650 billion under management in Europe alone. 


Buy vs Build in the ETF marketplace

 This brochure takes a look at global ETF trends, market sizing and technology to help you move faster, trade smarter and stay ahead.

The Composition Complication

In May 2016, the global Assets Under Management (AUM) in ETFs were broadly estimated at around $3 tn USD. Just over one year later, research firm ETFGI estimated the AUM at $4.8 tn USD. With a general trend of ~20% AUM growth per year, and every expectation this trend will continue, the rise of ETFs continues to astound.

The evolving ETF landscape - and how to capitalize on it

Itiviti, in conjunction with GreySpark Partners, engaged in a comprehensive review of the ETF trading landscape, covering market structure, trends and predictions, and the consequent implications on market participants and the trading technology stack. This article summarizes several aspects of GreySpark’s analysis and the resulting white paper now available from Itiviti.

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