Market maker/Liquidity provider

Description: A person who holds him or herself out on the financial markets on a continuous basis, and is prepared to buy and sell financial instruments at any time on his or her own account.


Since quotes are equivalent to orders, market makers and liquidity providers are also obliged to monitor their activities and detect potential market abuse.

Itiviti Analyst MAR

Itiviti Analyst’s MAR solution is a powerful new approach to providing market abuse reporting compliance. Unique in the market, Itiviti Analyst MAR covers all asset classes in one and the same solution whilst also being vendor-agnostic.

BestX RTS 27

Part of the Market Maker’s obligations is to provide statistics covering how they performed their market making in the previous quarter. The data is compiled into nine tables of information and should cover daily market making statistics per instrument. If the market maker/liquidity provider performs a non-negliable fraction of their activities OTC they are included in RTS 27.

Best Execution reporting and analysis

Predict, track and demonstrate execution quality with Itiviti Analyst's powerful reporting and analysis tools.

Market Maker Compliance

Trading venues within the Union are required to have market making agreements in place for any firm engaged in market making or market making-like trading. A market maker needs to keep track of the parameters of their market maker agreement, such as maximum spread and minimum fraction of trading hours with valid quotes, and monitor their fulfilment of the agreement.

Market Maker Compliance monitoring

Itiviti Analyst facilitates Market Maker Compliance. The Itiviti Analyst Market Maker Compliance tool also monitors if the client does not have an agreement with the trading venue to see.

Algo Monitoring

Market making strategies are considered to fall within the algorithmic trading category.

Algo Monitoring and HFT Monitoring

Itiviti Analyst provides key functionality including real-time monitoring of alogrithmic trading activity and kill signal generation.