If an investment firm acts as DEA provider the clients’ activities could potentially be algorithmic trading, and thus need to be monitored in the same way.

Itiviti Analyst MAR

Itiviti Analyst’s MAR solution is a powerful new approach to providing market abuse reporting compliance. Unique in the market, Itiviti Analyst MAR covers all asset classes in one and the same solution whilst also being vendor-agnostic.

Best Execution

In DMA setups, orders should either be directed to the right venue by the customer, or a SOR should be used for non-directed orders to automate venue selection in line with the best execution policy.

BestX RTS 28

DEA trades will be part of the statistics used to build the yearly top five trading venues reports. The reports should summarise a full year’s trading grouped per client categorisation and asset class category. It should also show when customer have provided explicit direction on which venue to send an order to, and when the best execution policies have been used.

Best Execution reporting and analysis

Predict, track and demonstrate execution quality with Itiviti Analyst's powerful reporting and analysis tools.

Algo Monitoring

DEA providers need to apply the same pre- and post-trade controls as for their own algorithmic trading. The onboarding process for DEA clients should include a thorough assessment of risk and complexity of their trading activities, since the DEA clients may use the setup to engage in algorithmic trading.

Algo Monitoring and HFT Monitoring

Itiviti Analyst provides key functionality including real-time monitoring of alogrithmic trading activity and kill signal generation.


In DMA scenarios, if customers send non-directed orders affected by the best execution policy, the only way to properly manage a multi-venue environment is to utilise the automation provided by a SOR for the same reasons as general agency trading.

Itiviti Smart Order Router

Itiviti Smart Order Router is designed to adapt to the new market structure and market models, allowing you to stay fast, flexible and competitive in the changing trading landscape.

Flow engine

Although common sense to many, the regulation clarifies that giving naked access to a venue though a firm’s membership should not be done. Pre-trade limits are an efficient way to allow customers to trade while controlling exposure in real time.

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