Algorithmic trading

Description: Trading where orders are initiated, generated or routed through computer algorithms without human intervention.


Algorithmic trading is not excluded from market abuse detection although some scenarios can indicate faultily crafted algorithms.

Itiviti Analyst MAR

Itiviti Analyst’s MAR solution is a powerful new approach to providing market abuse reporting compliance. Unique in the market, Itiviti Analyst MAR covers all asset classes in one and the same solution whilst also being vendor-agnostic.

Algo Monitoring

Any automated trading activity that is more advanced than simple order routing (AOR) is classed as algorithmic trading and requires that the investment firm is monitoring their activity. This is not limited to advanced execution algos, but SORs and smaller automation utilities may also be covered.

Algo Monitoring and HFT Monitoring

Itiviti Analyst provides key functionality including real-time monitoring of alogrithmic trading activity and kill signal generation.