MiFID II: are you safe?

"It's all MiFID all the time", or so the saying goes. It has certainly felt that way in Europe. But the truth is that many non-European firms also have reason to take an interest in MiFID II.
Is yours one of them?

You may be tired of hearing your European counterparts talk incessantly about the upcoming MiFID II regulations, but the reality of the matter is that regulatory pressure in the financial industry is only likely to increase. No matter where you or your clients are located. And it begins with MiFID II itself.

Here we present you with some information about how MiFID II will affect non-European firms and additional insights around regionally-specific regulation including the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT).

Itiviti Regulatory Solutions

We recognize that regulatory compliance must be addressed with equal priority to risk, which calls for mission-critical treatment by the trading infrastructure. Banks, brokers and clearers can rely on Itiviti for implementing all these functions.

Time synchronization and regulation