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How can you capitalize on global ETF trends and technology to gain an edge in a rapidly changing market? Download our latest ETF booklet to find out more about the most recent shifts in the ETF landscape, the key challenges affecting market players and the ways in which technology can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage.

Tbricks by Itiviti ETF module

The complex and evolving nature of the ETF marketplace puts new demands on firms and their trading technology. The Tbricks by Itiviti ETF module tackles these challenges head-on, by providing a comprehensive trading and market making solution for on-screen or RFQ-driven businesses.

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Itiviti and GreySpark ETF white paper

As continued strong growth is predicted for Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), the marketplace is also becoming increasingly complex.

In 2017, Itiviti engaged with GreySpark Partners in a comprehensive review to map the key factors that will shape the future of ETF trading. The result is a rich, insight-filled white paper that delves into the current and future trends affecting ETF trading across the globe (EMEA, APAC and the Americas), the challenges these create for market participants and the ways in which they can potentially be overcome