The modular approach to FIX connectivity, Appia, delivers comprehensive functionality to establish, configure, monitor and customize FIX connectivity.

How it Works

Fast and reliable FIX engine

The Appia FIX Engine provides fast and reliable FIX connectivity and allows market participants to send and validate FIX messages across various trading systems around the world.


Configure and manage FIX activity

The web-based interface allows clients to configure and manage their FIX infrastructure and expedite connectivity from a single location.


Monitor the entire FIX environment

The web-based user tool allows clients to monitor their daily traffic flow across their FIX Network, track activity and identify issues.


Key features

  • Rich set of cross-language APIs allowing plug in to embed in any third-party app.
  • Low latency and high availability connectivity across asset classes
  • Customize the FIX infrastructure monitoring and incorporate dashboards to oversee the day-to-day electronic trading activity.
  • Uninterrupted trading using the fault tolerance mode, offering reliability and continuity.
  • Encryption security, adopting latest industry standards for SSL/TLS.

Who it is for

Buy-side and sell-side organizations as well as ISVs, trading and execution venues.

How it is delivered

APPIA is delivered as a deployed solution.

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