Corporate compliance program

Itiviti Groups AB's Corporate Compliance Program is a formal, established program that supports Itiviti Group AB's and its employees' commitment to following policies and standards of conduct.

The policies included in the Corporate Compliance Program are listed below.

  1. Code of Conduct

  2. Code of Ethics

  3. Independent policies

Articles of association

Below please find Orc’s articles of association in Swedish and English.

Articles of Association of Itiviti Group Holding AB (Publ)


On June 23, 2013, Ernst & Young AB with Auditor in Charge Erik Sandström, Authorized Public Auditor, was elected. Erik Sandström shall be principal auditor until further notice.


The parent company Itiviti Group Holding AB (publ) is owned by Itiviti AB, which is in turn ultimately owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII and the management and key employees of the Itiviti Group.

Board of directors

Itiviti's Board of Directors