ETFs and Delta One

ETFs have grown rapidly in terms of assets, volume and variety. However, these products are by definition complex to price, hedge and trade. You need to be fast and flexible to realize their full potential.

Tbricks by Itiviti’s fully server-based solution, built for co-location, with native connectivity to multiple markets, is ideal for ETF trading. From a single front end, you control trading and hedging across all markets, bringing scalability and transparency across your business and execution. The Tbricks front-end can be completely customized for visualizing and controlling orders, hedging, basket executions and pricing, to support complex ETF setups spanning multiple markets, time zones and underlying contracts (futures, baskets).

Tbricks ships with specialized apps for automatic quoting and hedging, covering instrument snapping, pricing logic, ETF updating, third party integration and all functionality required for a sophisticated ETF setup. However, if you want to customize your system by tweaking these apps, or even build bespoke apps based on ours, we make this easy for you. We ship the Tbricks apps along with their complete source code for your convenience.

You achieve very low latency through Tbricks’ modern architecture. Our setup takes advantage of several unique features, such as Speedcore, order templates and smart basket calculations to boost speed. Tbricks’ ETF solution is also complete with highly customizable manual click-trading, and risk and portfolio management.

Related building blocks

Itiviti’s modular approach allows you to create the ETF and Delta one solution that best supports your needs. Relevant building blocks include:


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