Automated onboarding and instant certification

The traditional method for onboarding and certifying clients is manual and therefore highly tedious and time consuming. The problem affects anyone with client access to their technology, such as banks with DMA or OMS; broker/clearers and exchanges. Now, there is a modern and highly efficient approach to automate the client onboarding and certification process that can significantly speed up clients’ time to revenue.

Test, certify and onboard

Itiviti Onboarding allows you to create a frictionless client environment by institutionalizing conformance testing, providing transparent and timely feedback to your clients, and capturing historical results for future troubleshooting.

With Itiviti Onboarding, gone are the days of running test scenarios off a spreadsheet. We set up your test cases and provide a web-based interface where your clients run through the series of tests. They get immediate feedback and can re-run the tests as often as they want. Multiple clients can test against your QA or test systems simultaneously.

In addition to creating a frictionless client environment, Itiviti Onboarding also helps ensure that your internal processes remain as efficient and cost-effective as possible. You can view your clients’ certification status and report on certification progress and history. You can check their progress in real time on a dashboard and follow up with clients having problems. You can also reproduce production scenarios for automated regression-testing with clients.

Related building blocks

Itiviti’s modular approach allows you to create the onboarding solution that best supports your needs. Relevant building blocks for onboarding includes:


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