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VeriFIX by Itiviti

Automate testing and simulate FIX counterparties for rapid deployment.

Use VeriFIX by Itiviti to help automate the costly and error-prone process of manually testing your trading system. Reduce dependencies on counterparty test environments. Accelerates development and deployment of FIX and proprietary protocol components within trading systems.

VeriFIX is the industry standard for comprehensive FIX testing and realizing significant efficiencies before “going live” with complex deployments.

Offers a range of benefits for buy-and sell side institutions including trading firms, brokerage houses, ECN and ATS venues, exchanges and independent software vendors. Quickly simulate environments to dramatically optimize the testing cycle using the markets most robust, feature-rich testing and simulation tool available.

Key benefits

The workflow is possible through VeriFIX, the FIX and proprietary protocol testing bridge between internal and external trading systems.

  • No programming or scripting language required, empowering all users across the development cycle.
  • Multi-session capabilities allow for the control of multiple sessions and simulation of many counterparties at once.
  • Scheduling and reporting capabilities optimize testing with overnight bulk regression suites.

Key features of VeriFIX

Professional Services

Capabilities include; quickstart program for VeriFIX implementation and best practices, collaborative on- and off-site VeriFIX testing capabilities and FIX protocol definition analysis, test design, scripting of test cases.

Non FIX protocol custom development and testing

Leverage Professional Services team to develop custom non FIX protocol/exchange native protocols in VeriFIX and use it for complete end to end testing of trading environments.

Script automation

Incorporate tests into nightly builds using VeriFIX’s command-line script player.

Load testing

High-performance message injection allows load testing between FIX counterparties.

Conditional logic

VeriFIX’s logic engine enables users to generate dynamic test cases capable of modifying behavior based upon inputs and outputs.

FIX protocol customization

Customize a FIX dialect within minutes; standard FIX libraries are pre-loaded.

Configurable business-level validation

Tailor message validation to any given business.

Buy-side and sell-side capabilities

Deploy VeriFIX across multiple organizational departments and specializations.

Exchange emulator

Rapidly deploy ruled based emulator to mimic exchange functionality to test any FIX application.

Easy-to-use customizable interface

No programming necessary; anyone with a working knowledge of the FIX protocol can use VeriFIX.

Comprehensive test verification

Drill down to the most granular detail of test results.

FIX log import and replay

Import and replay logs at user-defined speeds to recreate production problems.

Multi-session support

Create test cases and control timing between multiple sessions within a single script. Use playlists to schedule multiple scripts to be played across multiple sessions.

Report scheduling and notification

At scheduled intervals, VeriFIX will email interested parties of high-level test results and success rates.

Baseline comparison

Compare the results of a test to its baseline to find out how it differs. View statistics on the added, removed and changed fields and messages.

Multiple session and scenario playlists

String together lists of tests and watch them execute in real time. Run multiple tests through multiple sessions concurrently or setup dependencies to keep timings in sync.

Full library for FIX specifications

VeriFIX comes out of the box with full support for all FIX libraries from 4.x to 5.x.

Database integration

VeriFIX can connect to external databases such as order management systems and market data feeds to validate messages.


Full support for the “FIX Adapted for Streaming” encoding and decoding algorithms. Integrate VeriFIX with your market data feed.

Flexible access

VeriFIX can run from an API, interactive GUI or a command line-driven batch mode.

Building blocks

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