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MagniFIX by Itiviti

Proactively monitor enterprise-wide trade message transactions using advanced alerting capabilities

MagniFIX by Itiviti provides advanced alerting capabilities designed to proactively address connectivity issues before escalation is required. With our advanced monitoring capabilities users can instantly react saving valuable time and resources.

Key benefits

Monitors your trading ecosystem. Monitoring electronic trading activity across multiple environments, between numerous clients, can be a complicated process.

  • MagniFIX optimizes monitoring and alerting processes by providing users with a consolidated view of both FIX and non-FIX message flows.
  • Offers non-intrusive network interface for plug-and-play implementation.
  • Development, QA, client support and operational teams can monitor message activity 24/7 to troubleshoot connection inefficiencies.

Key features of MagniFIX

MagniFIX optimizes monitoring and alerting processes by giving users a consolidated view of both FIX and non-FIX message flows.

Search capabilities

Search for messages from sessions based on any tag and tag-value pair or by a combination of fields using logical connectors.

Real-time message monitoring with automatic updates for selected client sessions

Remote searching. Connect to remote machines to perform all search functions.

Scalable message agents.

Retrieve messages from any one of MagniFIX’s Message Agents: Network Message Agent, Database Agent, Middleware Agent or Log File Agent.


Be notified of events based on characteristics you define for message flow. (Enterprise version only).

Various alert types

Alert types include; High/low message rate, message search, custom correlation and session comparison (FIX only).

Various alert actions

Alert actions include; Log to file, IRC, email, windows live messenger, NT event, AIM, command line and SNMP trap.

Logical views

Sessions can be grouped into logical views to facilitate searching and monitoring across multiple sessions.

Order tracking

Track order messages such as; broker accepts, fills, rejections, and cancels based on unique order identifiers.

Unacknowledged order search

Search for unacknowledged messages across sessions.

Open order search

Perform searches for open orders across sessions whether they are open, unfilled or partially filled orders. 

Quote trading

Track quotes and all related messages based on common message fields.

Log parsing

Parse messages into a readable format unique to individual user preferences.


Sort search results using MagniFIX’s configurable, multi-level sorting engine.


Filter real-time inbound and outbound messages based on conditional criteria.

Customizable interface

View custom viewing panes, tags and alerts by color or sound for easy identification.

Session-based hierarchy

MagniFIX abstracts file system complexities from the user to display file-based messages in a session-based format.

File export

Export the results of log file searches, order tracking and real-time updates to .csv format.

Nested search. Perform nested string searching through send and receive messages.


MagniFIX has the ability to discover and create new sessions that have not been previously configured in the system. Upon discovery, the session will automatically be associated to a group which will then be immediately available to all users.

Building blocks

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