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Continuum by Itiviti

The global financial industry’s first enterprise testing platform.

Continuum by Itiviti is a powerful new approach to automated testing developed to build trading system resilience and designed to protect against large scale systematic errors. It has been specifically developed to empower complex enterprise trading environments and deliver immediate benefits in the critical areas of compliance and growth. Continuum is engineered by the global standard in FIX testing technology, Itiviti.

Key benefits

Greater business advantages

Functional features

“Trading systems are constantly evolving and responding to new regulations, functionality, and customer requirements. The launch of Continuum delivers a new powerful testing solution for firms looking to achieve critical regulation and compliance requirements, without the laborious upfront construction of test suites or the burden of ongoing maintenance costs and overhead. To address and harness systems evolution, a more robust testing strategy will protect firms from undetected trading cases and scenarios – right through to potential significant system failures that can result in irreversible loss in investor confidence.”

Jim Northey, Principal Consultant and Industry Standards Liaison, Itiviti


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