Itiviti Hedging

Hedging is a critical part of the trading process. Firms need to automate and rapidly hedge exposure according to their own bespoke risk metrics and profile, while having the tools and flexibility for complete oversight and manual intervention if required. Itiviti’s Hedging block provides a suite of functionality to suit multiple asset classes, trading strategies and hedging styles.

Itiviti’s hedging apps are specialized into trade-by-trade and position-based hedging strategies. Our trade-by-trade hedgers are highly-optimized for rapid trade-to-hedge performance, based on incoming trades, order updates or estimating fills based on market data or public trades. Our position-based hedgers are optimized for portfolio-level hedging, only trading when a specified risk metric goes beyond a pre-defined tolerance.

Combined with trade stamping functionality to measure hedging performance, and custom portfolio-level alerts for monitoring custom events and conditions, Itivit’s hedging block is flexible and comprehensive.





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