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NYFIX Matching: a game-changing post-trade solution

Ignatius John

Ignatius John, founder of long-term Itiviti partner Alpha Omega, describes his experience of building the only FIX-based, multi-asset class post-trade allocation and matching solution available in the industry today.

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What NYFIX can do for the buy-side

Evolution Innovation 3

For the third year running, NYFIX was named "Best low latency network" in the Waters Buy-Side Technology Awards 2018.

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Why post-trade needs FIX

Ignatius John

Since the introduction of FIX in the mid-1990s, it has revolutionized the world of trade execution - so much so that 99.

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Trading infrastructure testing: the main challenges

Testing 3

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the importance of trading infrastructure testing and the regulatory and operational impetus driving its necessity.

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Case study: Redburn leverages UL BRIDGE for FIX onboarding

Regulation 2

Redburn is Europe’s largest independent equities broker, providing institutional investors with equity research and agency execution across European and US equity markets.

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Introducing FIX Orchestra

Infrastructure 3

Jim Northey outlines his involvement with the FIX Community and the new standards initiative known as FIX Orchestra.

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