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This is Itiviti

We deliver trading infrastructure and solutions for a sustainable competitive edge in the capital markets industry.

A future of freedom

In a world where capital markets continuously evolve and regulators aim to keep them in check, we build trading solutions that reflect this dynamic context, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best.

This is what Itiviti is all about. A company built on the foundation of entrepreneurship and innovation, we deliver the advantages that keep our clients ahead of the game. In essence, we underpin their ongoing pursuit of a sustainable competitive edge.

Expertise, combined

We are a new company, with vast experience. Formed from the merger of two market leaders; Orc, a leading force in electronic execution, with a ground-breaking trading platform, further strengthened by the acquisition of Tbricks with its cutting-edge technology. And CameronTec, who is widely considered the global standard in FIX infrastructure and connectivity to which the largest global install-base is a testament.

Unique insight

Together we have become the capital markets’ most powerful enterprise technologists within trading, routing, connectivity and risk. Our pioneering spirit has helped shape the industry, and our technology expertise keeps our competitors on their toes. Another capability that sets us apart is industry insight– giving us a better understanding of clients’ needs. Our business is backed by a dedicated, global team of seasoned professionals, with deep domain expertise across all aspects of the financial landscape.

Growth through innovation

Itiviti’s commitment to R&D drives our continuous innovation to deliver the most advanced trading infrastructure, products and solutions. Firms rely on us to control mission critical components of their business, to ensure optimal integration and deployment and to leverage core infrastructure assets as they advance towards intelligent, interoperable solutions.

The freedom of flexibility

We understand there is a correlation between flexibility and success – so our products are designed with this in mind. Accordingly, Itiviti offers integrated solutions using our technology throughout, while our modular design philosophy also facilitates stand-alone deployment and integration with non-Itiviti products. This modular approach enhances fluidity, allowing customers to adapt rapidly to changes. Our fully transparent architecture is designed for no lock-in, and out-of-the-box apps can be tailored to specific needs to ensure that clients stay ahead of the competition.

A service for all

Whether it’s trading, connectivity, or tools to manage and optimize, we are committed to long-term business partnerships with our clients − an extensive service offering enables us to do so. Our global Professional Services team provides strategic consulting and custom development backed by deep domain expertise − ideal for customization in demanding trading environments. In addition, our customer support is more than a help desk, as it’s staffed by some of our best developers. Managed Services is the perfect solution for firms wishing to mitigate risk, and minimize their investment in technology and all the associated in-house resources.

At Itiviti, we are driven to give our clients the freedom to be the best. And in a changeable world we are today’s pioneers − seeking tomorrow’s solutions.

The name

Itiviti. Pronounced: | ʌɪˈtɪvɪti |. Activity, productivity and connectivity − three words at the heart of our business. And when combined with Information technology, equals ITIVITI − the name synonymous with innovation and flexibility.

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