Itiviti company vision

Following the unification of market leaders Orc Group and CameronTec Group and the establishment of Itiviti, Torben Munch, CEO, outlines the new company vision.

This is Itiviti.

We deliver trading infrastructure and solutions for a sustainable competitive edge in the capital markets industry.


Four trends that shape sell-side evolution

Four trends that shape sell-side evolution

Blog After years of stagnant trading volumes and shrinking margins, sell-side institutions are now facing a new set of challenges. Increasing regulatory demands and their effects on markets put the pressure on banks and brokers to remodel their entire business approach. Conventional initiatives for cost-cutting and streamlining operations will not suffice; banks and brokers must also […]

Itiviti Talks

Itiviti Talks is your source for the technology perspective on the global capital markets. We have created this to be an engaging forum for sharing ideas with our clients, partners and other industry professionals. You will find videos, blog posts, white papers and more that deal with the needs and challenges of brokers, market makers and trading executives.
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Regulation SCI (Series)

Regulation SCI (Series)

Series In this series of two videos Jim Northey, Principal Services Consultant at Itiviti discusses what is regulation SCI? What is the difference between this and previous regulations? Why are we talking about it now, and how can Itiviti help? What we’ll cover What does it mean in essence? What is the difference in this initiative and […]

Introduction to automated testing (Series)

Introduction to automated testing (Series)

Series What we’ll cover: What is automated testing, and why is it useful? What are some important aspects to consider when testing a trading system? How to design for testing?

Getting compliant-ready for MiFID II — the highlights! (Series)

Getting compliant-ready for MiFID II — the highlights! (Series)

Series How do banks in general deal with regulatory change? How are they preparing for MiFID II, and how should they be preparing?

Dealing with structural complexity in global derivatives markets

Dealing with structural complexity in global derivatives markets

Blog Much is made of the power of regulation to drive capital markets firms’ IT investment decisions. But active players in global derivatives markets are also being bombarded by mounting structural complexity, so much so that a recent TABB Group survey found that a full 50% of firms are looking to replace their trading platforms within […]

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Itiviti wins Technology Innovator Award by CV Magazine

Banca Akros selects Itiviti’s FIX testing and onboarding solutions

Larrain Vial selects Catalys by Itiviti to help develop Latin American markets

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Investor News

Interim report Itiviti Group Holding AB January 1 – June 30, 2016

Itiviti Group Holding AB and Itiviti Group invite to an investor telephone conference on August 23

Interim report Itiviti Group Holding AB January 1 – March 31, 2016

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